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Flexible Financing to Help You Grow Your Business

Leases can be structured to meet all types of cash flow needs including skip and deferred payments. Our goal is to customize a structure to meet cash flow needs which allows lessees to acquire new and profitable business equipment. Contact us today and let us help you grow your business.

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  1. Submit an online or paper credit application, get approved within 24-48 hours.

  2. Sign documents and return the originals.

  3. Authorize payment to selected dealer(s); equipment delivers to you


100% Financing - Banks may require as much as 20% down. Leasing covers 100% of the equipment cost.

Flexibility - Lease payments can be structured into longer terms and lower payments to fit your budget.

Tax Advantages - Payments on leases are pre-tax and fully deductible as operating expenses. This reduces current taxable income.

Fixed Payments - Lease payments are locked in, unlike bank lines of credit with variable rates. This helps with planning for other financial requirements.

Open Credit - Current lines of credit are conserved and kept separate from equipment purchases.

Purchase Option - Leasing provides you with end-of-lease flexibility to purchase, upgrade or return the equipment.


NATIONAL CAPITAL LEASING offers leasing programs that enable your organization to procure equipment through flexible financial solutions.

Capital Lease (Lease Purchase, One-dollar buyout)
Allows you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease term. Lessee pays $1.00. Ownership transfers.

Seasonal Payment
Designed for seasonal cash flow. Step-up / Step-down - Start low and increase, or start high and decrease.

Deferred Payment
Initial months have nominal or no payments.

Fair Market Value (FMV)
Option to purchase at FMV, continue to lease at FMV, or return.

Ten Percent (10%) Option
Purchase the equipment at 10% of the original purchase price, or return.

Beyond these options we provide a wide range of credits (A, B, C, & D). We also offer funding for Canadian transactions!


Use National Capital Leasing's Lease Calculator to determine an approximate monthly payment on both $1.00 and 10% Buyout options.

  1. Enter the Equipment Cost.
  2. Click the Calculate button.

The Leasing Calculator automatically provides you with the approximate monthly payments for a lease term of two to five years.You can choose either a $1.00 or 10% Buyout at the end of the lease.


Who can Lease?
A company or business who will be using the equipment for business or commercial use.

Why Lease? ...why not just borrow the money?
With loans, you exhaust your available credit line.
With leasing your credit line remains untouched plus you can usually expense the payments!

How much does the lease cost in the beginning?
First and last lease payments are typically required up-front, but they are applied to your total lease payments.
Documentation and filing fees also apply to process your application.

What affects my rate?
Age of business.
Personal credit history.
Prior bankruptcy.
Pay history: On time, delayed or late.

Can I add equipment to a lease?
Yes! - Please call to qualify and restructure.

Can I have the lease cover other expenses directly related to the equipment acquisition?
Yes! - In most cases, we can include the cost for freight, installation and required software.

Can I cancel a lease?
No - but you have options!

Upgrade the equipment and restructure the lease.
Prepayment without penalties if not excluded.

What about insurance?
It is required that the equipment be insured as part of your general liability and property insurance. Simply instruct your own insurance agent to send a certificate of insurance to us.

What about sales tax?
Sales tax is charged separately and added to your monthly lease payment each month.


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